What Tourists Should Know Before Travelling to Madagascar

Madagascar has a unique shape due to its geographical isolation. The country is the fourth largest and the oldest island. Despite being classified as a country, Madagascar has both the climatic and topographical diversity of a small continent. The country is a great location for:

  • Individuals who love outdoor sceneries,
  • Landscape and wildlife photographers,
  • Naturalists
  • Travelers who are seeking to experience fascinating and unique outdoors.

Below are some of the most useful tips for travelers looking to visit Madagascar:

The Best Time of the Year to Visit

The best time for one to visit Madagascar depends on the individual’s particular interests and the reasons for visiting the country. The typical high-traffic tourist season in Madagascar is usually between the months of April and December. The rest of the year is full of dangerous cyclones, which render most of the roads impassable. The tourist season is perfect for whale watching. That being said, it is important always to remember the fact that the change in climate is greatly impacting the normal patterns of weather, and thus travelers should be on the lookout to avoid getting caught unaware by unfavorable weather conditions.

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Madagascar

The most rewarding approach when making plans to visit Madagascar is always quality over quantity. The country’s touristic highlights are widespread throughout the entire country. Nevertheless, getting around the country requires the utmost flexibility and patience. It is crucial to plan one’s visits so that they can spend less time traveling between the tourist locations while enjoying what the country has to offer in terms of tourist attractions. It is, therefore, important for tourists to choose particular regions and focus on fully exploring them contrary to trying to view all the tourist attractions in Madagascar at once.

How to Get Around in Madagascar as a Tourist

As aforementioned, getting around Madagascar requires a lot of flexibility and patience. A very small proportion of the roads are tarmacked, and of the paved roads, a majority of them are not well maintained. The roads are full of potholes and are often flooded by cyclones and rains. A majority of the locals in Madagascar prefer to travel using the taxi brousse. Even though this is an inexpensive way of travelling around the country and for the tourists to immerse themselves in the culture of the locals, this means traveling is not comfortable. A more comfortable but expensive option to get around is by hiring a local driver to help get you around the country. Alternatively, tourists can use the country’s airline Air Madagascar to fly from one place to another. Using Air Madagascar is the fastest way to travel which cuts the traveling time considerably.

How to Communicate with the Locals and Dealing with Language Barrier
French is Madagascar’s second official language. Therefore, tourists who can speak French have an advantage in regards to communicating with the locals. Nevertheless, not all locals are proficient in French. Madagascar’s national and first official language is Malagasy. For English-speaking tourists, to communicate with locals effectively, they need to translate Malagasy to English and vice versa.

Getting Accommodation when Travelling in Madagascar

Even though the country is full of tourist attractions and scenic views, Madagascar’s economy is still developing. Therefore, there are a few high-end hotels and resorts. These are majorly found in large cities in the country. Tourists visiting remote areas will have to make do with almost subpar living conditions where the electricity is rationed and only provided by generators. Also, in remote areas the options of the available food are limited, and Wi-Fi connection is not available. The best advice for tourists planning to visit the remotest parts of Madagascar is to focus more on enjoying the spectacular sceneries provided by these locations and not living a luxe life while visiting.

That being said, it can never be overemphasized on how beautiful Madagascar is. For tourists who appreciate beautiful natural sceneries unaffected by human activities, should make Madagascar a top destination in their to-visit bucket list. Also, sustainable tourism is incredibly essential to the country’s economy. Therefore, tourists should understand that besides traveling and enjoying the beauty that the country has to offer, being responsible while visiting aids the country’s economy and the tourism sector, particularly, to develop. This country is a top destination for many tourists around the globe, and they can be assured of enjoying their visit.