What’s your idea of an unforgettable and adventurous vacation? Perhaps you’ve taken fun to the extreme and hair-raising level, but have you thought about climbing Mount Everest? It’s a stretch for a lot of people, but you have to give it to those who scaled the highest mountain in the world and lived to tell the tale. Still not convinced to take on the challenge? You might change your mind after learning about several good reasons to climb Mount Everest.

Have a sense of personal achievement

The very idea that you can boast that you climbed the world’s highest peak is sure to boost your self-confidence and make your heart swell. To be one of those brave men and women who reached the summit is no easy feat, literally and figuratively. You can just imagine what the successful climb can do to your self-esteem and self-belief. If you successfully climbed Mount Everest then you can do just about anything.

Have a reason to stay fit

Mountain climbing is physically taxing. You have to be fit and healthy to really face the challenge and succeed. Since the only way you can do this is to put a lot of effort into training and getting physically fit, you will achieve overall wellness in the process. So not only will you be in peak condition to climb the mountain, but also fit in other areas of your life.

Have a taste for an unforgettable adventure

Some people say that Mount Everest is the highest but not the hardest. Nonetheless, the thrill and experience you’ll enjoy during your climb would be incomparable. When you reach the summit you know that you can take on any other mountains to climb, and face other challenges on air, land or on water.

But the biggest reason that you should climb Mount Everest now is the fact that Nepal is changing its current route to a safer path that has been in existence for a very long time. It was the original route used by mountaineers who first climbed Everest in 1953. With avalanche no longer a risk, the path has been considered relatively safe.